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The terminal is my IDE and this is my configuration.

Find here some shell scripts that make my life easier.


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Generate an annual report from your local git repositories.

Here are my reports since I started using git, professional and personal repositories combined.


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Dead simple static site generator for command line lovers.

This website is built using it. Yes, sometimes I fall prey to the NIH syndrome. On purpose.


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POP3/SMTP client in bash.

Advent of AWK 2020

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AWK solutions for Advent of Code 2020.


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Show a file listing as tree structure.


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Print horizontal bar diagrams from a list of values.


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Render some Markdown file to HTML and show it in your browser.

This is useful when you want to check a Markdown file before pushing it onto GitHub/GitLab/etc or if you want to simply print a nice looking Markdown file. Just print it from your browser.

The look is broadly similar to that on GitHub but stripped down to the bare minimum. It can also be changed easily. Just have a look at the source, Luke. It's really quite simple.


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Create a texture atlas in bash with ImageMagick.