Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is one of the world's largest and longest running Game Jam events. The games (or sometimes rather prototypes) you see here were made within 48 hours in the so-called Compo mode.

Nine Lives

• 1,028 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Nine Lives Screenshot

Nine lives aren't enough for Ludum Dare #44 "Your life is currency".

Use the cursor keys to move and the spacebar to search for dangers nearby, which will cost you half a life.

Saving Oskar

• 1,102 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Saving Oskar Screenshot

Try and save your dear lamb Oskar from being sacrificed. Made with Christian Braun for Ludum Dare #43 "Sacrifices must be made".

This is the only game I submitted in Jam mode because I didn't do it alone.

Bad Minton

• 835 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Bad Minton Screenshot

Monochrome Pong/Card mashup for Ludum Dare #41 "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres".


• 1,251 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Rogues Screenshot

Multiplayer multi-device game about stealing gold for Ludum Dare #40 "The more you have, the worse it is". Playable with friends only.

Jumpy Green

• 852 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Jumpy Green Screenshot

A little green man trying to get evil astronauts off his small world for Ludum Dare #38 "A Small World". Playable.

Robot Clash

• 1,166 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Robot Clash Screenshot

Multiplayer multi-device turn-based death match for Ludum Dare #37 "One Room". Playable with friends only.

Rubiks Plane

• 947 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Rubiks Plane Screenshot

Shifting puzzler for Ludum Dare #35 "Shapeshift". Playable.

There is also a variation with a Castle theme, because I wanted to put monsters on some tiles but ran out of time.

Sweet Tooth Mouse

• 887 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Sweet Tooth Mouse Screenshot

Prototype game of a mouse and a lot of sweets for Ludum Dare #34 "Growing". Ran out of time.

00Q And The Horrible Tiger Gun

• 1,155 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

00Q And The Horrible Tiger Gun Screenshot

Her Majesty's Only Field Test Spy™ hard in action for Ludum Dare #32 "An Unconventional Weapon". Just two very simple levels. Ran out of time. And there's no way to fire that gun on a touch device, sorry.


• 1,019 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Gingerman Screenshot

Christmas game for Ludum Dare #31 "Entire Game on One Screen". Playable.


• 1,101 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

GalEx Screenshot

Deliver mail in space for Ludum Dare #30 "Connected Worlds". Playable.


• 917 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Tycho Screenshot

Prototype game about finding crystals on a blue planet for Ludum Dare #29 "Beneath the Surface". Playable but _very_ simple. Ran out of time.

Ten Seconds To Venus

• 673 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Ten Seconds To Venus Screenshot

Astronaut game for Ludum Dare #27 "10 Seconds". Playable.


• 684 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

quadTRI Screenshot

Two player game about matching triangles for Ludum Dare #26 "Minimalism". Playable with a friend.

Alien Invasion

• 779 Lines • JavaScript • Unlicense

Alien Invasion Screenshot

Prototype game for Ludum Dare #25 "You Are The Villain". Playable.