Bots Screenshot

Programming game about bots that move on a grid.

To play the game, your program, a so-called bot, must connect a streaming socket to the Bots server. The bot can be programmed in any language that can open a streaming socket.

Used for the Kurzdigital Coding Night 2018 and 2019.

• 4075 LINES • C • Unlicense


Light-weight C library for HTTP/1.1 requests.

Build for embedded environments or whereever libcurl would be just too much.

• 435 LINES • C • MIT


Incremental XML parser in plain C.

Processes XML input in chunks without caching the entire document.

• 892 LINES • C • MIT


Embed data files into C++. What "xxd -i" does for C.

Like "qtrc" from Qt but for wxWidgets and the C++ STL.

• 583 LINES • C++ • Unlicense


Tiny line calculator in portable C.

A humble bc alternative.

• 346 LINES • C • Unlicense