Binary Eye

Binary Eye Icon

Yet another barcode scanner. Works in portrait and landscape mode, can read inverted barcodes, reads barcodes with binary data and can also generate barcodes.

Uses the ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library. Reads and writes all barcode formats (QR Code, Aztec, etc.) ZXing can read and write.

• 6300 LINES • Kotlin • MIT

Pie Launcher

Pie Launcher Icon

Android home screen launcher that uses a dynamic pie menu instead of tables of icons. Here's a video of it.

Once you get used to it, you can launch your most frequently used apps using muscle memory without even looking at the screen.

Apps you don't use regularly are quickly available with just one tap and by typing the first one or two letters of the app name.

• 2496 LINES • Java • MIT

Shader Editor

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Create GLSL shaders on your Android phone and use them as live wallpaper. Exposes many sensors of your smartphone for shader programming. Like the gyroscope or the magnetic field sensor, for example.

An app for people interested in graphics programming and customizing the screen of their smartphone.

Includes some samples to get started like a Game of Life shader you can touch. Here's another sample.

• 9719 LINES • Java • MIT

Wave Lines Wallpaper

Wave Lines Wallpaper Icon

A live wallpaper with colorful, slowly moving wavy lines.

You can either choose a predefined theme, edit a theme to your liking, or simply create your own.

I actually wrote the first version of this app on an Android device.

• 3245 LINES • Java • MIT


Decisions Icon

Helps making decisions. Works like this:

  1. Write down pros and cons
  2. Weigh arguments from 1 to 10
  3. Get a recommendation

Inspired by this Time article.

• 1743 LINES • Kotlin • MIT

Moto Score

Moto Score Icon

Tally counter for motorcyclists to record tours and mistakes (i.e. everything you wouldn't do again like this).

Because according to The Upper Half of the Motorcycle, consciously counting mistakes stimulates learning.

The prototype of this app was written and presented at "Hack The Ride", a hackathon held by BMW Motorrad in Barcelona 2014.

• 2432 LINES • Java • Unlicense