PieDock  1.6.3
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PieDock::WindowStack Class Reference

#include <WindowStack.h>

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struct  WindowInfo

Public Types

typedef std::vector< WindowInfoWindowInfos

Public Member Functions

WindowInfos & getWindowInfos ()
const bool hasWindows () const
void clearWindows ()
void addWindow (Display *, Window)
const Window getNextWindow ()
const Window getPreviousWindow ()
const bool isUnmapped ()

Detailed Description

Controller for windows

Markus Fisch mf@ma.nosp@m.rkus.nosp@m.fisch.nosp@m..de

Member Function Documentation

void WindowStack::addWindow ( Display *  d,
Window  w 

Add a window to menu item

d- display
w- window to add

Referenced by PieDock::Menu::update().

const Window WindowStack::getNextWindow ( )

Return next window

Referenced by PieDock::Menu::change(), and PieDock::Menu::execute().

const Window WindowStack::getPreviousWindow ( )

Return previous window

Referenced by PieDock::Menu::execute().

const bool WindowStack::isUnmapped ( )

Returns true if there's at least one window visible

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