PieDock  1.6.3
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PieDock::WildcardCompare Class Reference

#include <WildcardCompare.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const bool match (const char *, const char *, bool=false)

Detailed Description

Compare strings with wildcards

Markus Fisch mf@ma.nosp@m.rkus.nosp@m.fisch.nosp@m..de

Member Function Documentation

const bool WildcardCompare::match ( const char *  literal,
const char *  pattern,
bool  caseSensitive = false 

Returns if pattern matches string

literal- string to match
pattern- pattern with optional wildcard characters (*?)
caseSensitive- true if matching should be case-sensitive (optional)

Referenced by PieDock::IconMap::getIconByTitle().

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