PieDock  1.6.3
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PieDock::TransparentWindow Class Reference

#include <TransparentWindow.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TransparentWindow (Application &)
virtual ~TransparentWindow ()
const Window & getWindow () const
virtual void appear ()
virtual void draw ()
virtual bool processEvent (XEvent &)

Protected Member Functions

ApplicationgetApp () const
const int & getWidth () const
const int & getHeight () const
XSurfacegetCanvas () const
const GC & getGc () const
virtual void show ()
virtual void hide () const
virtual void clear ()
virtual void update () const

Detailed Description

A (possibly pseudo-)transparent window

Markus Fisch mf@ma.nosp@m.rkus.nosp@m.fisch.nosp@m..de

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TransparentWindow::TransparentWindow ( Application a)

Initialize object

a- Application object
TransparentWindow::~TransparentWindow ( )

Clean up

Member Function Documentation

void TransparentWindow::clear ( )

Clear window for drawing

Referenced by PieDock::PieMenuWindow::draw(), and show().

void TransparentWindow::hide ( ) const

Hide window

Referenced by PieDock::PieMenuWindow::hide().

void TransparentWindow::show ( )

Show window; the caller must ensure that the window is completely visible on the screen or XGetSubImage will fail !

References clear().

Referenced by PieDock::PieMenuWindow::appear(), and PieDock::PieMenuWindow::show().

void TransparentWindow::update ( ) const

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